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Driving lessons are provided by our experienced instructors in Holme Wood for all levels of drivers. You will feel confident and calm as you learn how to drive, whether you’re a novice driver, returning from a break, or a qualified driver who wants to refresh your skills.

Eagle (DA) Limited provides driving lessons in Holme Wood and across West Yorkshire including Holme, Bowling, Parkside, Bradford Moor, Thornbury.

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Our local driving instructors are waiting for your call and are ready to answer any questions you may have about your first Holme Wood driving lesson

Driving is an essential skill that can help you achieve independence and freedom. You might want to learn how to drive, whether you commute to work, pick up your kids from school, or simply because you want to make getting from A to B more easy. Our professional and friendly driving instructors are here to help you. Your driving instructor will begin with an introduction chat to learn about your driving skills and experience. Don’t worry if you have not had driving lessons before as most people haven’t They will then check your provisional driver’s license, perform an eye-check, and then discuss the basics of the car you will be learning in. Local Holme Wood driving instructors know the area better than anyone. The back roads of Holme Wood will be where your first lesson will take place. This will allow you to increase your confidence and improve your driving skills in a quiet setting First, you will learn how to use the pedals, steering, clutch control, moving away and stopping. You’ll face new challenges as you improve your driving skills. Your instructor will carefully plan each lesson route to ensure you drive through all the junctions, roundabouts and pedestrian crossings with ease. Bad habits are difficult to break, so it’s important that you learn how to drive safely as soon as you start learning to drive. Our driving instructors are trained to help you be safe on the roads and pass your driving test. They have extensive experience and knowledge of driving that they will use to help make you a confident and safer driver. Your driving instructor will give you a record of your driving progress. Your progress record will include all the topics that you must master in order to drive safely throughout your driving career. These techniques include parallel parking, turning in the road (3 point turn), reverse around corners and emergency stops. It will give you an overview of where you are at and the amount you still have to learn.
intensive driving course first time passIf you’re in a rush to pass your driving test and get your license, intensive driving lessons may be the best option. We offer intensive driving courses in Holme Wood with many instructors with the expertise and knowledge to make it easy for you to pass your driving test quickly. A driving intensive course can be a great way to either start learning to drive, or if you are just wanting to refresh your skills before taking your driving test. You can choose from daily lessons lasting two hours or consecutive days of back-to back lessons. We are as flexible as your needs allow us to be.

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Even though intensive driving courses in Holme Wood can be quite demanding, you may find the results to be well worth it if your goal is to pass your driving test quickly. They are the fastest and most affordable way to pass your driving test. Lessons are longer than the standard hourly lesson on an intensive driving course because the course is only spread out over a couple of days or weeks, as opposed to being spread across a few months. A 2-day intensive driving course will give you 10 hours of driving training. Individuals with no driving experience are able to take intensive driving courses that last longer so that you get the driving tuition required. The DSA recommends all driving students to take at minimum 40 hours of professional driving tuition, before they sit the driving exam. You could book weekly driving lessons. Although this is a good option, it will take you between 4 and 6 months to complete with one 2 hour lesson every week. If you only book a 1-hour lesson per week it will take you 8 to 12 months. As the lessons are so spread out there’s a good chance that you will spend much of your lesson time repeating the lessons from the week before.

Our local driving instructors are waiting for your call and are ready to answer any questions you may have about your first Holme Wood driving lesson

automatic driving lessons Holme Wood another student passed their testIt is not necessarily easier to learn how to drive an automatic car, it all depends on what you are dealing with. Learning in an automatic car won’t help you if your problem is observation It is possible to learn to drive an automatic car if gear changes or clutch control are difficult for you. When you learn to drive in an urban environment with lots of traffic, there is less to worry about. You will need to constantly change your gear because of the stop-start nature involved in driving in densely populated areas. This can be difficult for both experienced drivers and learner drivers. The automatic car allows you to take your driving exam without worrying about stalling or having to use clutch control. If you have trouble managing the gears in a manual vehicle, you might find that learning to drive an automatic car is easier. This could mean you take fewer lessons to pass your test and receive your driving license.

Are There Any Downsides To Driving An Automatic Car?

Automatic cars are more costly to purchase, maintain and run than manual cars. Automatic driving lessons can also be more costly than manual lessons because of this. Another downside of learning to drive an automatic vehicle is that when you pass your driving test in an automatic, it doesn’t mean you can also drive a manual car. Your licence will allow both if you pass your manual driving test. This means that if you are taking your driving test in an automatic car, it may limit your options when renting or buying a car in the future. You will have to take your driving test again if you decide to drive a manual car. In general, automatic cars have lower pass rates than manual cars. This shouldn’t discourage you, however, as many learners pass their driving test with automatic cars each year.

Are you looking for a new challenge or the opportunity to be your own boss. If so then now might be the right time to become a driving instructor in Holme Wood.

driving instructor training Holme Wood student passesThere is an enormous backlog of people looking to learn how to drive, so now is the best time to become a driving instructor. There is no prior driving instructor experience necessary. The requirements include that you must be 21 or older, have had a driver’s license for at least three years, not had more than five penalty points in the last four years, and want to find a job that gives you the freedom to make your own decisions or earn more money and do something that you always wanted to.

Before you make a start to becoming a driving instructor it is a good idea that you read through the official DVSA guidelines. Driving instructor training will usually take about 12 months. Your training will take a minimum of 6 months to complete, that is if you pass everything on your first attempt, which is highly unlikely.

The DVSA establishes the test requirements to become an approved driving instructor and you will need to pass all 3 of the DVSA tests. The tests are challenging so that the people who pass can be fully prepared to teach others how to drive. To become a qualified driving instructor, you must have the same commitment as any adult learning program. You can pass the test with the right attitude, determination, and drive. Then, you can begin your career as driving instructor.

Our local driving instructors are waiting for your call and are ready to answer any questions you may have about your first Holme Wood driving lesson

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Our local driving instructors are waiting for your call and are ready to answer any questions you may have about your first Holme Wood driving lesson

Driving Lessons Frequently Asked Questions

What number of driving lessons do I need to pass my driving exam?

The number of driving lessons that you will need to pass your driving test varies from one person to the next. Research shows that the majority learners drivers will need 40 to 50 hours of driving lessons before they are ready for their driving test.

Are driving instructors necessary to learn how to drive?

It is crucial that you learn how to drive safely right from the beginning of your driver training. Bad habits you pick up are very difficult to stop and you could fail your test through them. Driving instructors are specially trained to help you feel confident, safe and pass your test.

What kinds of things should I bring with me to the driving lesson

You will receive a written record from your driving instructor detailing your progress. The record contains all of the topics you will need to master in order for you to pass your test. You will need to be able to turn in the road (3-point turns), reverse around corners, parallel park and emergency stop. This will show your current stage, what you know, where you need to improve, and any weaknesses you may have.

Is a crash course worth it?

An intensive course can save you time and money as you might need fewer hours' training. However, it won't prepare you for driving in the real world as much as conventional lessons will. You might not experience different weather conditions or drive in the dark, for example.

What is crash course driving?

An intensive driving course or 'crash course' is a series of driving lessons taken over a short period, typically a week or two. A driving school can't guarantee a pass, but some may offer free lessons and a re-test if you fail.

Can I pass my driving test in 2 weeks?

Yes, you can pass your driving test within a week, however, some people may require more time behind the wheel before taking their test.

Are automatic lessons more expensive?

Automatic driving lessons are more expensive as the costs of insuring automatic cars is around 43% higher than manual cars of the same class – this is because automatic cars generally cost more to repair.

Should you put automatic in neutral when stopped?

Never put your vehicle in neutral at traffic lights You will be shifting gears every time to meet a stop light, subjecting them to unnecessary wear. You may have to replace them sooner than you thought. Avoid all this by letting the brakes do their job: leave the engine in drive and step on the brakes at the stoplight

How long does it take to pass automatic?

However, there's less to get to grips with when you take automatic driving lessons. This means many learners are able to pass after just 20 hours of lessons, as long as they also get some private practice.

Is it worth getting an automatic license?

Learning to drive in an automatic might help you take fewer driving lessons in order to reach test standard. What's more, if you've been really struggling with a manual then going for an automatic could mean the difference between you getting your licence and not getting your licence.

Are driving instructors self employed?

Most driving instructors are self-employed workers or sole traders. This means that the more time instructors put in, and the more clients they have, the more they can earn.

What you like about being a driving instructor?

If you love time behind the wheel, interacting with people and being your own boss, then this career is for you! Being a driving instructor is extremely rewarding. You are able to play a part in making someone's life better because through driving, they gain independence and the opportunity to expand their horizons.

How hard is it to become an ADI?

However, ADIs must get a higher score to pass. Learners need only get 44/75. ADIs are required to get at least 57/75 to move on to the ADI Part 2 test.

How many approved driving instructors in the UK?

According to data from the Department of Transport, the amount of UK driving instructors has fallen by 12% over the past seven years - falling from 44,569 in 2013 to 39,521 at the start of 2020 - and this is predicted to fall even further in the coming years.

Why is there a shortage of driving instructors?

Covid-19 has affected all of us, including driving instructors! For many months, due to government restrictions our driving instructors were unable to teach new learners how to pass their test.

Our local driving instructors are waiting for your call and are ready to answer any questions you may have about your first Holme Wood driving lesson